One of the best things about being an actor is getting to know other actors on a deeper level. So let me share a little about myself.

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 A Versatile Entertainer

Jenny Rosario, a native Bronx, New Yorker, of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, is well on her way to  becoming a household name. Through her acting and modeling, she brings a unique image and personality to the screen.  She began her career behind the scenes after graduating from Valencia College's Film Program with a degree in Film Production Technology. Jenny started her career as a production assistant and worked her way through the many departments as a makeup artist, script supervisor, writer, producer and director. She operated as a small production company, providing many aspects of film services, herself. Simultaneously, Jenny was creating an on screen image beginning with several "extra" roles, and eventually becoming a lifestyle and fashion model and actor. She began her acting studies in 2000 and was then discovered by a scout, recruited and trained to compete in the pageant world. By 2002, Jenny went from being The Bronx Tomboy to bringing home several beauty queen crowns. In 2002, she captured the title of Ms. Latina Florida USA. By 2003, she was crowned as Ms. Latina International. In 2015 she reigned as Ms. International World.

Jenny has been featured in several full-length feature and short films and in 100’s of commercials. As a firm believer of education, Jenny continued her academic studies and earned a B.S. In Business Administration and an M.S. in Project Management. Her passion still remains in her acting craft as she continues to pursue her career as an actress and share her knowledge and experience through coaching aspiring actors.




I knew from a young age that I had artistic talent, but it wasn’t until college that I decided to devote myself to film production and acting and turn my passion into my life’s work.

I started out in the entertainment industry as a friend helping a friend who had just graduated from the New York Film Academy and needed help shooting his first independent film.  I happened to be free that summer and signed up to help. Little did I know that I would get “bitten by the bug”.  That’s right, I fell in love with the process of filmmaking and changed my college major from Pre-Med to Film Production Technology. My love of film just grew from there.  I quickly started working on film sets behind the camera and jumped from one set to the next through word of mouth and referrals from industry professionals.  I was always a good networker, so I had no trouble finding work. Oddly enough, I kept getting pulled from behind the camera to the front of the camera and I had no idea what I was doing. After-all, I wasn’t an actor, I was a filmmaker!

My new dream was to become a director and I believed that in order to successfully direct actors I should first learn how to be an actor and understand what an actor goes through.

Can you tell that I’m a very hands-on person?

Can you guess what happened next? 

 You got it…I got "bitten by the bug" again and fell in love with acting!!!

 Then, I thought I could swing both sides of the camera and that it should be easy enough since I made so many new film production associates.  I couldn’t be more wrong!  While the two sides of the camera are clearly related, they operate very much as two independent and parallel worlds.  I was very quickly getting laughed out of auditions because my behind the scenes associates could not take me seriously as an actor since they knew me as a production person.

 I quickly learned that the production side doesn’t particularly like to work with aspiring actors behind the scenes but production loves working with on-screen actors who understand the production process. 

 I basically had to choose a side in my market and create a new reputation for myself.  However, the downside of that is that I knew no one in the acting industry and no one big enough in the production world to get me started on the right path. I had to start from scratch with no mentors to help me avoid scams or pitfalls

 Therefore, I learned everything the hard way and took the long road to success. I fell for every scam, lo$t a lot of money and found myself in precarious situation$. I entered the world of acting, I left the world of acting, I returned to the world of acting, I left again and finally, I came back and stayed!

 I have now spent 26 years in this wonderful industry of filmmaking and film and television acting.



Why “The Booking Actor”?

 I have reached a point in my career where I am now someone that aspiring actors and models seek out for advise, coaching and overall guidance and instruction on how to get started in the business of acting and modeling.  I started with much pleasure helping as many aspiring actors and models as I could, then I began teaching and coaching. However, there never seems to be enough time to help as many people as those whom have reached out to me.

After all that I have experienced and learned through trial and error in this business without having a mentor to help me get started, I feel a sense of responsibility to protect fellow actors and offer to them what I did not have access to myself.  It is my hope and desire to help aspiring actors reach their goals quicker, more productively, more cost-effectively and safer than what I personally experienced. With all of that being said, “The Booking Actor” was born. 

I have begun taking my years of education, trial and error experience, success stories and passion and have created this course program to help actors and models more easily get started in this beautiful world of entertainment. My goal is to help each of you reach your goals and see you get there faster and easier.





Faith, Family, then work!

Be unapologetically the UNIQUE  YOU - that - YOU - are. 

There is only one you and your personality and voice are as unique as your fingerprints. Acting is a wonderful way to uncover and express who you really want to be deep down and to share the stories of others.

I believe that acting provides therapy and entertainment to audiences through the element of escapism, making the world a funnier, more exciting, more relatable and a better place, helping to shape the people who experience the stories you share through your interpretation as a performer.  

Acting schools generally teach actors how to act but don't teach them how to treat their craft as a business and how to succeed as actors and entrepreneurs. I love that I am able to take your acting experience a step further and help fellow artists find satisfaction in their careers by learning how to navigate the industry and operate not just as a performer but also as a business professional.